WordPress Update Support and WordPress Security Support

With the online world becoming so critical to business and the rise in hackers taking advantage of that, using WordPress for your online presence is more critical and more dangerous than ever!

I am offering two ongoing support services for those people using WordPress, who are not monitoring their websites on a timely basis.

The first is WORDPRESS UPDATE SUPPORT. One of the easiest ways to hack a website is through security holes already found by others. To keep these holes plugged, your core WordPress site, your themes and plugins need to be update as soon as possible when patches are release. This service will keep your site current as I check your WordPress twice a month (on the 2nd and 16th) and install any updates needed. $30 / month.


The second is WORDPRESS SECURITY SUPPORT. Not only will you get core, theme and plugin updates within 48 hours of their release, you'll also have a weekly backup of your site (the better to restore a hacked site) and daily monitoring of your files. This does not completely guarantee that your site will not be hacked, but identifying and cleaning potential threats will safeguard your customers/visitors when they visit. $60 / month


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